RS21 Fleet

Online Forms and Reservation Information

Getting your Skipper Certification

All skippers who wish to reserve a boat for anything other than Learn-to-Sail Classes must first complete a certification process and be added to the RS21 Certified Skippers List. Certification Courses must be scheduled through the SFYC Race Office. There are two possible ways to get certified as a skipper:

  • In-Person Sailing Check: Skippers must go sailing with an approved Fleet Certifier and be graded on basic on-the-water sailing procedures.
  • Certification by Sailing Resume: Alternatively, skippers may be certified after review of their small keelboat racing resume. Events should be in small keelboats (indicate tiller or wheel), under 35 feet.

Whether you apply by resume or by in-person sailing certification, there will be an in-person boat orientation required of all skippers. This will occur dockside and will cover what you can expect when you arrive, what is expected of you when you depart, where to find everything, and how to operate the electric motor, among other things.

RS21 Boat Reservations

Certified RS21 Skippers may reserve a boat by using the appropriate reservation form (see above) at least 48 hours prior to the reservation date. For reservations within 48 hours of the reservation date, please contact SFYC Fleet Manager Adam Corpuz-Lahne via email, [email protected]

Cancelations must be received by email at least 24 hours prior to the sailing event to avoid 50% loss of reservation fee. This cancellation fee may be waived if the boat is re-reserved by another skipper. Please keep in mind that boat reservations are not approved or valid until expressly confirmed by email from the SFYC Race Office or SFYC Fleet Manager.

Fleet Programming: Something for Every Sailor


Fleet programming in the RS21 will be broad and inclusive, with a mix of intro-to-sail, learn-to-sail, women’s-specific sailing, race skill development, fleet racing, match racing, team racing and structured open sailing. 


Open Sail Charter

Open Sail Charter
$110/boat- boats available Wednesday through Sunday
Certified skipper required

Request a boat here 

Take your friends and family out for a sail on the Bay. Whether you want to go for a casual sail, or you want to get the boat ripping under the spinnaker, we're here for you. Assistance with rigging is available, and can sail confidently knowing that we have a support boat ready if you need assistance once you're on the water.

RS21 Sailing with Fleet Manager

RS21 Sailing with Fleet Manager
Once a month, 10:00am-12:30pm. Check the calendar, as this sail moves around a bit to accommodate our Fleet Manager's schedule.
SFYC Members: $35/day
Non-Members: $45/day

Limit of 4 sailors per day
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Go for a casual, yet instructive sail with our Fleet Manager, Adam Corpuz-Lahne. Depending on the conditions and the sailors in the group, you might sail out under the Golden Gate Bridge, around Angel Island, or simply cruise around the Bay. All skill levels welcome.

Women's Sailing

Open to all ladies, regardless of sailing experience. A great way to get on the water in a fun, supportive environment.

Women’s Learn to Sail With Pamela Healy

2024 dates coming soon

Women's Mid-Week Sail
Second and fourth Wednesday of the month, January through December. 10:00am-12:30pm.
SFYC members: $35/day
Non-members: $40/day

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Ladies' Night
Every Thursday night, March 14th through October 24th
SFYC members: $35/day
Non-members: $40/day
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Women's Weekend Sailing
(See dates below)
SFYC members: $35/day
Non-members: $40/day
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January 13 (12:30-3:00)
February 10 (12:30-3:00)
May 4 (9:30-12:00)
June 9 (9:30-12:00)
November 9 (12:30-3:00)
December 7(12:30-3:00)

Match Racing

Tuesday Evening Match Race Scrimmage
First and Third Tuesday of each month, April through September
$20 (SFYC member) 
$25 (non-member)

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Break up the work week with an evening of match race training. Show up with a full team, or come as you are.  These scrimmages are a focused on skill building, and will include drills along with racing.

Email SFYC Fleet Manager Adam Corpuz-Lahne ([email protected]) for more information and to join the fun.

Team Racing

For more information on Team Racing at SFYC, please contact Vicki Sodaro ([email protected])

CYC Friday Night Racing

CYC Friday Night Racing
Spring Series and Summer Series, 5:00pm–8:30pm
SFYC Members-$110/night
Non-Members- $125/night
Entire Spring Series (Members only, 8 race nights)- $660
Entire Summer Series (Members only, 11 race nights)- $905
Certified skipper required

Request a boat here

Racers who wish to compete in CYC Friday Night Racing aboard an RS21 can now charter a boat for individual race or for the series. Fee includes CYC race registration. 

Regatta Charter Opportunities

Boats are available for many other regattas.  Fill out a form to request a specific regatta that is not on the list already. Charters require a certified skipper. Boat charter fee: $110/boat per day.

Three Bridge Fiasco

Delta Ditch Run

Regatta boat requests here

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for individuals or groups of up to three sailors. Fleet Manager Adam Corpuz-Lahne (20 years experience coaching sailing) will be on board with you to give you personalized coaching, whether it's your first sail or you're a salty veteran. Lessons are 2.5 hours and scheduled at time that works for you and Adam. The lesson fee is $200. 

Contact Adam for more information or to schedule a lesson.

Core Purpose of the RS21 Fleet Program

To provide SFYC members and non-members access to learning and developing race skills, teaching, and fostering the love for sailing while fostering community across all types of members.

About Our Fleet

In 2020, the SFYC Fleet Committee was presented with a unique and time-limited opportunity to engage in a 18-month lease on a fleet of six RS21s, eliminating our need to raise money for the fleet purchase. This lease came to an end in December 2022, at which time the SFYC Board of Directors decided to purchase the fleet, ensuring that members have access to the various programs and events. We look forward to getting even more sailors involved, learning new skills, and making new friends.


Where is the fleet stored?
In the water between the north hoist and the guest dock. During big events, like Opening Day, we can easily pull the boats out to open up space.

How can I access the boats?
Only Certified Skippers can charter the boats, however they may bring whomever they choose as their crew.

How do I get to use the boats/How do I get on the Certified Skippers List?
You can submit your sailing resume online, and once approved you will have to attend a brief Boat Orientation. Or you can sign up online for an In-Person Sailing Check where your sailing skills will be assessed. Requests must be made at least 48 hours prior to the Sailing Checks offered. The Fleet Manager will inform you by email if we can accommodate your request(s).

Why the RS21?
Your Fleet Committee spent over two years researching the best boats on the market. We found that the RS21 offered the perfect balance of performance and approachability. 

What can I expect to pay to charter a boat or sail on a RS21?
For most usages, the charter fee is $110. Some regattas or special events may have a different charter fee.

How do I get to use the boats/How do I get on the Certified Skippers List?
You can submit your sailing resume online at the top of this page, and once approved you will need to attend a brief Boat Orientation. Or you can sign up online for an In-Person Sailing Check where your sailing skills will be assessed. Requests must be made at least 48 hours prior to the Sailing Checks offered. The Race Office will inform you by email if we can accommodate your request(s).

Once I’m certified, can I request to charter the boats at any time?
For safety purposes, we always need to have a staff member on site any time a RS21 is on the water. The Sailing Offices are open Wednesday through Sunday, generally 10:00am-5:00pm. However if you would like to charter a boat outside of these times, don't hesitate to contact the Fleet Manager to see if your request can be acommodated. 

I’ve recently been certified, how do I sign up to use the boats?
The programming we currently have available is listed online in the Reservation Request forms. A Certified Skipper may take out whoever they like as crew. Reservations are confirmed by email from the Fleet Manager.


Contact SFYC Fleet Manager Adam Corpuz-Lahne
[email protected]