Fall Classic and Easom Founders Trophy

The 2019 Fall Classic & Easom Founders Trophy

The Fall Classic for the Woodies brought out the Knarrs and SFBIODs for some racing on the Knox course, but it was truly fall and wind was hard to come by. On Saturday, after a postponement, some nice breeze came in for a couple of beautiful races, and then on Sunday the wind was even less cooperative and the Knarrs' fourth race was abandoned.

SFYC's Danielle Lawson on Bolero took home the Delmas and Delmas IOD trophy, while Jon Perkins won the Knarrs on Aquavit. Martin Koffel couldn't muster up any other Birdboats but sailed Kookaburra around the course anyway for the win.

The race committee was led by PRO Don Wieneke with Jack Mclaughlin, Shawn Davies, Moe Roddy, Christina Phillip, Larry Stoehr, Kevin Burke, EJ Rowland, Richard Cave, Dave Krone, Mary Anne Krone, Richard von Ehrenkrook, Alex Rothenberg and Erin Sprague.

We hope to see you at next year's Fall Classic!



NOR Amendment 1 (Saturday warning delayed til 1215)