From the Commodore


Dear Members,

The San Francisco Yacht Club endures. It has endured for over 150 years through wars, earthquakes, depressions, recessions, and pandemics. It is the enduring symbol of the history of yachting on San Francisco Bay.

We enjoy a large and welcoming community of Members who are bound together by their love of yachting, the water, and all that surrounds it. The current San Francisco Yacht Club is the culmination of the hard work and aspiration of generations of individuals who contributed their skills and energy to creating the environment and traditions that we enjoy today. Generation after generation cruised, sailed and raced competitively, bringing honor to the Club and setting the standard for outstanding Corinthian spirit for each new generation. A generation of Members built the Clubhouse in a beautiful and sheltered cove as another added a harbor and a breakwater. The next generation purchased the Cove House while yet another generation added the Sailing Center and built a new Cove House. Our campus, our racing program, and our youth training program are all the product of shared passion for yachting. Each year new Members join this effort to continue the creation of the club that we find to be such an integral part of our lives and a safe haven through the inevitable change of history.

Even as the Club evolves to maintain relevance in today’s world, you can close your eyes, smell the salt air, and imagine the Lurline or the Westward racing in the bay breeze. The enduring mission, vision, and tradition of this Club is to promote yachting and we have stood true for 153 years.

Thank you for allowing me to stand the 154th watch as Commodore along with Vice Commodore Jenni Dailey and Rear Commodore Quentin Hills. We will stand true.

  Madeline Morey