Round the Island Race

Regatta Recap: Round the Island Race

This year's Round the Island Race was moved to be earlier in the year in the hopes of finding good wind. Despite this, the wind was slow to fill and only built to about 6-10 knots after 1:00pm on Saturday. Instead of going all the way around Yerba Buena, which is the primary course, the race committee sent the fleets around Angel Island. The Fleet Week airshow provided some additional entertainment for the 21 boats who enjoyed a beautiful day on the water.

Spinnaker Winner: Orca, Will Baylis and Rich Bergsund
Non-Spinnaker Winner (scores corrected Sunday): Q, Glenn Isaacson

The race committee was led by PRO Jay Hooker, with Karen Bauer, Helga Guba, Bill Kircher, Dave Krone, Mary Anne Krone, Jeff Zarwell, Larry Stoehr, and Richard Cave.



NOR amended 9/19/19: Start time changed to 1200
NOR Amendment 1 (Courses)