SFYC's Club Fleet: RS21s

In 2020, following a multi-year research process that involved testing a variety of boats, the SFYC Fleet Committee purchased a fleet of six RS21s. Today, the Membership uses the Club Fleet in a variety of ways — to race, to cruise and to train.

The stated purpose of the RS21 Fleet Program is to, "provide SFYC members and non-members access to learning and developing race skills, teaching, and fostering the love for sailing while fostering community across all types of members."

Fleet programming in the RS21 is broad and inclusive, with a mix of intro-to-sail, learn-to-sail, women’s-specific sailing, race skill development, fleet racing and structured open sailing. The programs are always adjusting based on the desires of our Membership. 

Photos of the RS21s


Who can sail the RS21s?

SFYC Members who are Certified Skippers may charter the boats and may sail with whomever they choose as their crew. To become certified, Members may submit their sailing resume to the Fleet Manager, and once approved they will have to attend a brief Boat Orientation.

Why the RS21?

The SFYC Fleet Committee spent over two years researching the best boats on the market. We found that the RS21 offered the perfect balance of performance and approachability.


Contact SFYC Fleet Manager Adam Corpuz-Lahne
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